Lemon Demon – Indie Cindy The Lo Fi Lullabies chords

C G Am
F Em F G
C G AmIndie Cindy & the Lo-Fi Lullabies
F Emreleased her first LP,
F G Centitled “Moe Is We”
G Amto the private public just the other day
F Emthrough Cindy’s very own label,
F GAcrobat Unstable Records.
C Am FBut the only chart
Dm G Amthat it even scratched
C F Amwas in Cindy’s heart,
C F Amwhich would fall apart
C F C‘cause it was barely attached
Am Fto anything other than
Dm G Ambroken synthesizer keys,
C F Ccassette tapes and burned CDs.
C G AmIndie Cindy & the Lo-Fi Lullabies
F EmAin’t getting very big.
F G CIn fact, her only gig
G AmWas pathetic even though she dreamed it up.
F EmIn fact, it was a nightmare.
F Em CThe sound just wasn’t right there.
F Emand when she woke up,
F Gand when she woke up,
(G)that was when
C Gaug EIndie Cindy broke up.
Am CIndie Cindy broke up.
DmShe broke up
F C Dm Em Gnot for artistic differences,
F C Dm Em Gshe just tore her studio down.
Dm EThrew her equipment around
Amin cyclonic displacement,
G F Fm C‘til it looked like her basement again.
C Am F Dm G Am C F Am (x2) C F C Am F Dm G Am C F Am (x2) C F C Am F D G Am C F Fm
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