Walk Away chords with lyrics by Liberty Lee - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Liberty Lee – Walk Away chords

C#m F#m Am E7

[Verse 1]
C#m F#mHow do you feel about the impossible
AmI wanna make it possible
E - E7But you don't understand the truth
(This is the right time) [Verse 2]
C#m F#mWhat do you think this life is for
I need to be true to myself
Am E - E7But I can't even ask you for the help
(This is the right time) [Pre-Chorus]
A AmSo I need you to know
EThis is the right time
BFor me to walk away
A AmTo another day and find the light inside you're stealing
EMore and more
BEvery second I think about
A AmYou and me but who am I to carry on
EIf the love there was is now gone
D#mBut I'll take the parts you broke
BAnd I'll fix them up myself
C#You don't deserve my misery
F#I'll leave you in my history
D#mI'm walking away from you
BIt's something that I need to do
C#And I'm not looking back
F#This is the right time
C#For me to walk away
B BmTo another day and take back the light inside you stole
F#More and more
C#Every second I think about
B BmYou and me but I won't carry on
F#Because all the love is gone
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