Liza Anne – Overnight chords


[Verse 1]
Bb AbDon't go calling me out, I can barely stand it
Bb AbI got drunk again, I swore I loved you - I think I meant it
Bb AbDon't act blind or short sighted - you're tangling me all to fits
Bb AbNow I'm going crazy losing it all over feelings that you quit
Bb Gb AbOvernight
Gb Bb Gb Ab GbOvernight
[Verse 2]
Bb AbI'm not wrong to say this had to mean something
Bb AbYou cornered me into your mind for a time
Bb AbNow I'm collecting dust and becoming nothing
Bb BbOh, fight me on this, say I'm wrong
AbSay you want me, say you felt it
Bb Gb Ab GbDon't go changing overnight
Bb Ebm Ab BbOvernight
Bb Ebm Ab BbOvernight
[Instrumental] Bb [Outro]
Bb AbDon't go calling me now, because I can barely stand
BbI know I'm drunk again
Bb AbBut I love you and I'm scared I mean it
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