Loudon Wainwright Iii – All In A Family chords

[Verse 1]
AmIt’s all in a family, that’s no lie
FEven stays that way after we die
C E7Leaves, branches, twigs on a family tree
And the forest can be hard to see. [Verse 2]
AmMother and father are in charge
FAnd the brand-new baby will loom large
C E7Brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts
AmIt’s a family life so take a chance.
[Chorus 1]
C E7It’s a work in progress, can’t you see?
Am E7And the why, wherefore is a mystery
C E7When they family fights they know nextdoor,
Am E7No one wins in a family war.
[Verse 3]
AmThen there’s that thing it’s all made of
FDare we sing that the thing is love
C E7Love heals heartache and familial pain
Am E7And what family is not insane?
[Instrumental break] Am F C E7 Am E7 [Verse 4]
AmJust give them all a hug and a kiss
FAt the wake, the wedding, birthday, briss,
C E7At the function let dysfunction rule
no shallow end in the family pool. [Verse 5]
AmWe gather for the holiday
Fand pray for a quick safe getaway
C E7No one so close, nothing so real
Am E7And the smallest thing is the biggest deal.
[Chorus 2]
C E7That so and so did such and such
Am E7How can you love someone so much?
C E7Forgive, forget and finally see
Am E7The forest from the family tree.
[Verse 6]
AmIt’s all in a family, that’s no lie
FIt’ll stay that way after we die
C E7You forgive, forget and finally see
AmWhen you get to hold the new baby.
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