Loudon Wainwright Iii – I Suppose chords

A DI Suppose That I could Love you, though my mind tells me no way
D Eit says screw youve been through it it's not worth the price you'd pay
A Dthen it reminds me of the last time each gory detail
D Eit's a drag it tells me bag it no my memory never fails
A DI suppose that i could love you if my heart were still in tact
D Eit keeps ticking but not tricking me like it used to that's a fact
A DI've been burned and I've learned to let the muscle do it's job
D EI let it beat, it's no mean feat no it doesn't need to throb
A DI suppose that I could love you if I wasn't so afraid
D EI might go bizerk if it did work and I didn't feel betrayed
A DI've been writing off love for so long now it's all I know to do
D E Abut if it's real this thing we feel then yes I could love you.
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