Low Roar – Because We Have To chords


[Verse 1]
Gm F Eb6 GmA calm sea awaits, blue skies and sun
Cm Bb F Eb6Inviting and smiling and dancing around
Gm F Eb6 GmThe wind pushes north, through the straits, towards the clouds
Cm Bb F Eb6The sun rests her head on the water around
Cm Bb F Eb6By morning, our voices will sink with their shells
[Bridge] Am Gm Am Gm Am Gm Am Bb Cm Gm [Verse 2]
Gm F Eb6 GmHer belly exposed, up towards the sun
Cm Bb F Eb6Lays hindered and splintered and makes not a sound
Gm F Eb6 GmAhead of her bow, a doll chain takes form
Cm Bb F Eb6Of women and children that someone adored
Cm Bb F Eb6In a last dance, hand in hand, they float all around
[Outro] Cm Bb F Eb6 Cm Bb F Eb
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