Low Roar – Because We Have To tab

Gm Fm6 Ebm6 Gme |---------|---------|--------|-------------------|b |-3-------|--3------|-1------|-3-----------------|G |-----5---|-----2---|----0---|------5------------|D |---5---5-|---3---3-|--1---1-|----5---5----------|A |---------|---------|--------|-------------------|E |---------|---------|--------|-------------------|
Cm A# Am Gme |---------|---------|--------|-------------------|b |-4-------|--3------|-1------|-3-----------------|G |-----5---|-----3---|----2---|------5------------|D |---5---5-|---3---3-|--2---2-|----5---5----------|A |---------|---------|--------|-------------------|E |---------|---------|--------|-------------------|
Gm Fm6 Ebm6 Gm A calm sea awaits, blue skies and sun Cm A# Am Gm Inviting and smiling and dancing around The wind pushes north, through the straits, towards the clouds The sun rests her head on the water around By morning, our voices will sink with their shells Her belly exposed, up towards the sun Lays hindered and splintered and makes not a sound Ahead of her bow, a doll chain takes form Of women and children that someone adored In a last dance, hand in hand, they float all around
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