Lucy Dacus – Trust chords


G Gsus2 C C9 G

[Verse 1]

G Gsus2 CI set a fire on the stove
C C9 GAnd fed it every word I wrote
G Gsus2 CI watched my journals turn to smoke
C C9 GNow all there is is what I spoke
[Verse 2]
G Gsus2 CI decided long ago
C C9 GTo make the most of what I know
G Gsus2 CAnd worry not of what I don't
C C9 GPerfect the art of letting go
C GCause if I trust in something else
C GThen I don't need to trust myself
C GI've learned a lot since I began
C GBut I think I was wiser then
C G/B G C G/B G [Verse 3]
G Gsus2 CI've done too much and not enough
C C9 GIn trying to put you above
G Gsus2 CI cannot tell if I'm in love
C C9 GOr whose regard I'm thinking of
C GIf beauty is the only way
C GTo make the nightmares go away
C GI'll plant a garden in your brain
C GAnd let the roots absorb the pain
C G/B G C G/B G [Verse 4]
G Gsus2 CI set a fire to my soul
C C9 GI hope it ate til it was full
G Gsus2 CI set a fire to my soul
C C9 GIt burned me and it made me whole
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