My Midnight Special chords with lyrics by Luluc - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Luluc – My Midnight Special chords


COh my man he is so fine
GHe shines a light on me
D7And I bask in it all day
GFrom my trouble sets me free
CHe takes the pain in my shoulders
GLets it loose in his hands
D7He takes the sorrow in my dark eyes
GLets them brighten up again
COh let me love him for a lifetime
GAnd somewhere far beyond
D7Let me take him with me everywhere
GTil I am dead and gone
CYou know he loves me on the inside
GLike a singer knows her song
D7He loves me like a river
GThat flows ever on
COh let me love him like a river
GFlows ever on
X3 [Outro] G C
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