LVL UP – She Sustains Us chords

"To Abel and Gale, with warmest congratulations and best wishes on your golden anniversary,
and always with love"

[Verse 1]
DLittle clouds
GComing out
Bm GComing right out of her mouth
A GAnd falling down
Bm GForming pieces on the ground
D AThey make a deep sound
Bm A GAnd they blow out
D G D G D G A G Bm A [Solo] D G Bm G A G [Verse 2]
Bm GLook at all the peace it brings
D A Bm A GTo expunge every bit of reason within thee
Bm A G'Cause we're already certain it will be
B A GTotally freeing
D G D G D G A G Bm AAs they find out
G"There is no tone
ANo special note
Bm A GThat begins without being told;
Bm A GAnd the teller will never know
Bm D GWhat beauty does unfold."
D A Bm G D The teller is a part of me
A Bm G DAnd she tells me everything
A Bm G DAnd I'll do almost anything
A Bm G DTo watch her believe and truly see
A Bm G DShe shifts into everything
A Bm G DAnd leaves me wondering:
A Bm G D"How long until I believe?"
A Bm G"How long until I believe?"
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