M People - Walk Away chords

Walk Away

D BmA little girl cries next door
C9 GI just wanna hold her hand.
D BmSometimes it gets so tough
C9 GWith my head buried in the sand.
And every day more people die Walk away, avert their eyes. As the death clock ticks, the trigger clicks Beaten with a crucifix. Bulletproof lies, family ties Which one's right? No-one's wise, in a world that lies.
D Bm GWalk away, tomorrow's another day
D Bm GWalk away, why not let it fade away?
Walk away, tomorrow's another day Walk away, the problem will fade away... Bridge D Bm C9 G A little boy boy cries next door I just wanna hold his hand. Sometimes it gets so hard With my head buried in the sand The Holy squad is filled with hate Terror strikes Jo Public's fate TV blood, a crime rate vote Politics and a suicide note. Who is right or what is good? Earth and water, flesh and blood... ... We'd help if we could... Chorus. Don't look back keep walking x2 Don't look up, Don't look down, Just keep on walking away.
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