Rollercoaster chords with lyrics by M Ward - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

M Ward – Rollercoaster chords

Artist: M. Ward
Song: Rollercoaster
Album: Post-War
Tabbed By: Paige Byrd

Ok the only tab i've found for this song so far anywhere is pretty bunk (although 
so i've decided to post my own. Just follow the rhythm/changes. I throw the "Gm" in for fun at 
end but it sounds good.

Intro: | | | |e-----------------------------|B-----------------------------|G-----------------------------| x2D-----------------------------|A-----------------------------|E-----------------------------|
G A DYoure like a ro-ro-rollercoaster
G A DYouve got heavy metal wings
G A D D7You could make a dead man scream
G A DYour like a ro-ro-rollercoaster
D A DRollercoaster we was the best at times
G A DRollercoaster we was the worst of times too
G ABecause you lift me up so high high high
Bm A G GmIts the most unbelievable ride
Repeat the other chrous and verse with the words and thats pretty much it.
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