M Ward – Here Comes The Sun Again tab

	          Here Comes The Sun Again - M. Ward
Tabbed by: Elston Gunn
Email: Desolationrow128@netscape.net

Tuning:Standard EADGBE

PIANO INTRO  triplet feel

acoustic guitar fades in C F G C Am F G Ce|-----0---------1----3------0-------0------1----3------0--------------------|B|-----1---------1----0------1-------1------1----0------1--------------------|G|-----0---------2----0------0-------2------2----0------0--------------------|D|-----2---------3----0------2-------2------3----0------2--------------------|A|-----3---------3----2------3-------0------3----2------3--------------------|E|-----0---------1----3------0-------x------1----3------0--------------------|
verse C F G C Kingdoms and queens they all bow down to you, Am F C Branches and ranch hands are bowin' too C Am F G And Ive taken off my straw hat for you, singing C G C Here comes the sun again C F G C The leaves on the trees they all call out your name, Am F C Chrome on the freight line shines the same C Am F G And the stars in their cars roll their tarps down for you singing, C G C Here comes the sun again Bridge Em Am Oh but if you're gunna stay show some mercy today F G C Lonely breeze on my face Verse (same chords) Snow banks drift down the hillside for you, slides inside sandy river before the day is through, and before evenin' falls I may find myself there too, singing here comes the sun again, here comess the sun again
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