M2m – Everything tab

Title: Everything
Artist: M2M
tabs by: E.J. Gemzon ----> clapton_riff@yahoo.com
Chords were taken from a copyrighted work of Marit.
However, I tried to tab some piano and guitar riffs
for everybody.

D9/6     x57700
E        x79900
Am       xo2200
Dsus9/4  x54030
C        x32010
B7       x21202
E/D#     x69900
F#msus4  2x2200
G#m+5    4x4400
Am9/7    5x5500
C#m7     x46600
Bsus4    x24400

Verse 1:
        Am      D9/6     E         D9/6
It's been nine days, 8 hours, 40 minutes
E    Am        D9/6      E
ten seconds, since you called
        Am    D9/6      E          D9/6   E
I've been so crazy I'm just about taking our
Am       D9/6     E
pictures off the wall

Verse 2:
        Am        D9/6           E      D9/6
It's been three months, over a hundred days
E       Am D9/6    E
since you held my hand
    Am  D9/6            E     D9/6
And I miss you in a thousand ways
E     Am    D9/6     E
Will I ever see you again

C            Dsus9/4     C
How did you change so fast
             Dsus/4        C
I won't give you to the past
I really thought it'd last

E   F#msus4 G#m+5 Am         D9/6 E
All that     we   had was so unbelievable
E   F#msus4 G#m+5  Am            D9/6  E
Now that     it's gone it's just inconceivable
E     F#msus4 G#m+5  Am            D9/6     E
Still in      my    dreams you are so  damn beutiful
How could it be that you ruined my
C#m7        Bsus4       Am    Am9/7
everything, everything, everything

* you'll here this piano or guitar part everywhere in the songe-----0--------0-------0------0--|-R-|b---1---------0-------0------0---|-E-|g-0-----2--------1------1--------|-P-|d--------------------------------|-E-|a--------------------------------|-A-|E--------------------------------|-T-|
Toss for this one! All credits belong to Master Marit.
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