M2m - Everything You Do Acoustic tab

Title: Everything You Do (Acoustic Version)
Artist: M2M
Album: Shades Of Purple
Written By: Marion E. Raven/ Marit E. Larsen/Lars Aass
Tabbed By: Juan De Jesús Ayala Patiño
Fecha: 27 de Diciembre de 2002
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In the acoustic version the song is played without violin

E		 0 2 2 1 0 0
E		 0 7 9 9 0 0 (Only in Pre-chorus 1 and Pre-chorus 2)
E/D#		 X 6 9 9 0 0
C#m7		 X 4 6 6 0 0
Bsus4		 X 2 4 4 0 0  
Am9		 0 0 2 2 0 0
F#msus4		 2 X 2 2 0 0

Violin: (CD Version)                                                


Bridge: E Bsus4 C#m7 Am9eI-----------0--------I---------0-------I---------0-------I---------0-------BI-------0-----0----0-I-----0-----0---0-I-----0-----0---0-I-----0-----0---0-GI-----1---1-----0----I---4---4-----4---I---6---6-----0---I---2---2-----0---DI--------------------I-----------------I-----------------I-----------------AI--------------------I-2---------------I-4---------------I-0---------------EI--0-----------------I-----------------I-----------------I-----------------
E Bsus4 C#m7 Am9 (Stop!!!)eI-----------0--------I---------0-------I---------0-------I---BI-------0-----0----0-I-----0-----0---0-I-----0-----0---0-I---GI-----1---1-----0----I---4---4-----4---I---6---6-----0---I---DI--------------------I-----------------I-----------------I---AI--------------------I-2---------------I-4---------------I-0-EI--0-----------------I-----------------I-----------------I---
INTRO: Everything yo do... Uh uh uh oh oh uhohuh (Violin part with other guitar) E, Bsus4, C#m7, Am9 E, Bsus4, C#m7, Am9(Stop!!!) Verse 1: Bsus4 C#m7 From the moment you looked at me Am9 Bsus4 And ever since you called my name C#m7 You've been everything that I've seen Am9 C#m7 And know I'm caught up in this game Pre-Chorus 1: F#msus4 Bsus4 My mind is spinning round and around E E/D# C#m7 Bsus4 F#msus4 There's something special I have found Pre-chorus 2: Bsus4 Every time I close my eyes E E/D# C#m7 Bsus4 All I can think of is you and me F#msus4 Bsus4 Oh baby can't you see Chorus: E That everything you do Bsus4 Everything that you do C#m7 Am9 Makes me wanna go...uh uh uh oh oh E Everything you say Bsus4 Everything that you say C#m7 Am9 (Stop!!!) Makes me wanna go...uh uh uh oh oh Verse 2: Bsus4 C#m7 They're trying to build a fence Am9 Bsus4 By saying that this won't last C#m7 They tell me I don't have a chance Am9 Bsus7 That everything moves too fast Pre-chorus: F#msus4 Bsus4 But every time I close my eyes E E/D# C#m7 Bsus4 All I can think of is you and me F#msus4 Bsus4 Oh baby can't you see Chorus: (Repeat 2x)(and play the violin part 2x) Pre-Chorus 1: (Repeat) Pre-Chorus 2: (Repeat) Bridge: That everything you do... uh uh uh oh oh oh... Everything... (play the violin when the guitar start to play this part) E Everything you do Bsus4 C#m7 Am9 Everything That you do...Oh oh uh oh uh oh uh E Everything you say Bsus4 C#m7 Am9 Everything that you say...Oh oh uh oh uh oh uh Chorus: (Repeat 2X)(And play the violin part 2x) Cántenla en Inglés, cántenla en español... en noruego... ¡Cántenla en japonés Si quieren! ja ja ja, Vamos cántenla en el idioma que se les pegue la gana Pero cántenla. ja ja, Es broma... Espero y la disfruten y recuerden esos viejos Tiempos cuando ellas estaban juntas.
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