M2m – Everything You Do Acoustic tab

Title: Everything You Do (Acoustic Version)
Artist: M2M
Album: Shades Of Purple
Written By: Marion E. Raven/ Marit E. Larsen/Lars Aass
Tabbed By: Juan De Jes├║s Ayala Pati├▒o
Fecha: 27 de Diciembre de 2002
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In the acoustic version the song is played without violin

E		 0 2 2 1 0 0
E		 0 7 9 9 0 0 (Only in Pre-chorus 1 and Pre-chorus 2)
E/D#		 X 6 9 9 0 0
C#m7		 X 4 6 6 0 0
Bsus4		 X 2 4 4 0 0  
Am9		 0 0 2 2 0 0
F#msus4		 2 X 2 2 0 0

Violin: (CD Version)                                                


Bridge: E Bsus4 C#m7 Am9eI-----------0--------I---------0-------I---------0-------I---------0-------BI-------0-----0----0-I-----0-----0---0-I-----0-----0---0-I-----0-----0---0-GI-----1---1-----0----I---4---4-----4---I---6---6-----0---I---2---2-----0---DI--------------------I-----------------I-----------------I-----------------AI--------------------I-2---------------I-4---------------I-0---------------EI--0-----------------I-----------------I-----------------I-----------------
E Bsus4 C#m7 Am9 (Stop!!!)eI-----------0--------I---------0-------I---------0-------I---BI-------0-----0----0-I-----0-----0---0-I-----0-----0---0-I---GI-----1---1-----0----I---4---4-----4---I---6---6-----0---I---DI--------------------I-----------------I-----------------I---AI--------------------I-2---------------I-4---------------I-0-EI--0-----------------I-----------------I-----------------I---
INTRO: Everything yo do... Uh uh uh oh oh uhohuh (Violin part with other guitar) E, Bsus4, C#m7, Am9 E, Bsus4, C#m7, Am9(Stop!!!) Verse 1: Bsus4 C#m7 From the moment you looked at me Am9 Bsus4 And ever since you called my name C#m7 You've been everything that I've seen Am9 C#m7 And know I'm caught up in this game Pre-Chorus 1: F#msus4 Bsus4 My mind is spinning round and around E E/D# C#m7 Bsus4 F#msus4 There's something special I have found Pre-chorus 2: Bsus4 Every time I close my eyes E E/D# C#m7 Bsus4 All I can think of is you and me F#msus4 Bsus4 Oh baby can't you see Chorus: E That everything you do Bsus4 Everything that you do C#m7 Am9 Makes me wanna go...uh uh uh oh oh E Everything you say Bsus4 Everything that you say C#m7 Am9 (Stop!!!) Makes me wanna go...uh uh uh oh oh Verse 2: Bsus4 C#m7 They're trying to build a fence Am9 Bsus4 By saying that this won't last C#m7 They tell me I don't have a chance Am9 Bsus7 That everything moves too fast Pre-chorus: F#msus4 Bsus4 But every time I close my eyes E E/D# C#m7 Bsus4 All I can think of is you and me F#msus4 Bsus4 Oh baby can't you see Chorus: (Repeat 2x)(and play the violin part 2x) Pre-Chorus 1: (Repeat) Pre-Chorus 2: (Repeat) Bridge: That everything you do... uh uh uh oh oh oh... Everything... (play the violin when the guitar start to play this part) E Everything you do Bsus4 C#m7 Am9 Everything That you do...Oh oh uh oh uh oh uh E Everything you say Bsus4 C#m7 Am9 Everything that you say...Oh oh uh oh uh oh uh Chorus: (Repeat 2X)(And play the violin part 2x) C├íntenla en Ingl├ęs, c├íntenla en espa├▒ol... en noruego... ┬íC├íntenla en japon├ęs Si quieren! ja ja ja, Vamos c├íntenla en el idioma que se les pegue la gana Pero c├íntenla. ja ja, Es broma... Espero y la disfruten y recuerden esos viejos Tiempos cuando ellas estaban juntas.
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