M83 – I Need You chords

I Need You- M83

Standard Tuning

Capo 2

C GHave you ever had a feeling
Am FThat we're not alone
C GHold to call the feeling senile
Am FThey unearth more
G FGoing down the dusty roads
G FWe are cold and see-through
Cand I need you
G Fthere's a reason after all
G Fall the things that I have done
G AmPump the blood and leave it alone
G CAnywhere you take me
(sax solo) G F F Am
F GI see it all
F GJust go and solve it all
(C) I like to finish it off with a soft C but the song keeps going... I'm not sure on the lyrics but did the best I could, looked on multiple websites :) Let me know what you think
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