Mac Miller – Congratulations chords

Gmaj7 F#m7 Gmaj7 F#m7
Bm Bbaug A Em7

Love, love, love, love, love (sex)

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love (sex)

Gmaj7 F#m7This sun don't shine when I'm alone
Gmaj7 F#m7 Bm I lose my mind and I lose control
Bbaug AI see your eyes look through my soul
Em7 Gmaj7Don't be surprised, this all I know
Gmaj7 F#m7 Gmaj7 I felt the highs and they felt like you
Gmaj7 F#m7 BmSee a love like mine's too good to be true
Bbaug A And you too divine to just be mine
Em7 Gmaj7You remind me of the color blue
Gmaj7 Em7 Em6 Cmaj7Girl I'm so in love with you, yeah
BGirl I'm so in love with you
[Interlude] B E Dmaj7 Cmaj7 B [Verse 2] Um, well, baby
Gmaj7You were everything I ever wanted
F#m7Bought a wedding ring, it's in my pocket
Gmaj7Planned to ask the other day
F#m7Knew you'd run away, so I guess I just forgot it
Bm Remember when you went away to college
Bbaug Hours on the phone, we end up talkin'
A Em7Past, present, future, all the gossip, God damn
Gmaj7Puppy love ain't what it was, darlin'
F#m7Feelings that we have are so alarmin'
Gmaj7I can make you laugh, I can break the glass
F#m7If we made it last, it'd be a bargain
Bm Mr. Charmin', that is my department
Bbaug You was there before the fancy cars and
A Em7 You was there when I was just a starvin' artist
Gmaj7When the car was havin' trouble startin'
Gmaj7 F#m7 Gmaj7Now we got our own apartment, same box for the mail
F#m7 BmSame hamper for the laundry, the food in the fridge is stale
BbaugAnd this mornin' you cooked the eggs with the kale
AI tried to hit it while you was gettin' dressed
Em7You said "All you ever think about is sex"
Gmaj7 F#m7'm like, "Oh well, you know me so well
Gmaj7 F#m7And if this will make you late, I swear, I won't tell
Bm BbaugAnd every time I call your phone, you better pick up your cell
A Em7I swear to God I'ma freak out if it go straight to voice mail"
Gmaj7Well, I'm the jealous type
F#m7But I swear that ass what Heaven's like
Gmaj7When I'm in that pussy, it's a better life
F#m7 That's the only way I'm tryna end the night
Bm Bbaug A Em7 That's my only chance, I better get it right
Gmaj7 F#m7 Gmaj7Take your time, my baby
F#m7 Bm Bbaug A Em7 Cause I'm waitin' for you, for you
Gmaj7 F#m7 Gmaj7 I know I make your mind go crazy
F#m7 Bm Bbaug A Em7 Cause I'm waitin' right here for you, for you
[Outro: Bilal]
Dmaj7 Ebmaj7 You get closer with, run away
Dmaj7 Ebmaj7 All I ever known is the color gray
Ebm11 D9#11 Dmaj7 Bmaj7 Dmaj7 Your loveliness bring me sunshine
Dmaj7 Ebmaj7 I found an angel so divine
Dmaj7 Ebmaj7 Heaven probably not the same without you
Ebm11 D9#11 Dmaj7 Bmaj7 Dmaj7 But now you're in my world, in my world
Dmaj7 Ebmaj7 Dmaj7 Ebmaj7Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh
Ebm11 D9#11 Dmaj7 Bmaj7 Dmaj7Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh
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