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Date: Mon, 25 Sep 95 13:38:13 0000
From: "Amazin' Will Lipchitz" 
Subject: /m/machinery_hall/vincent.crd (corr)

/m/machinery_hall/vincent.crd (corrected)
> by Machinery Hall
> from the 1995 album "Tile" on Permagrin Records
> tabbed by Will Lipchitz (
> the music goes like this:
> VERSES: G  -  D/f#  -  Am  -  Em  - D
> CHORUSES:G  -  D  - C
> and the lyrics go like this:
> (verse:)
> G      D/f#                        Am           Em      D
> We're trapped within this all
> I'll stay here where I fall
> You're losing all your touch
> Things you should have known
> I guess you're being shown
> (chorus:)
>                 G       D       C
> You got it right
> We toast about it every night
> I'm too tired to play this hand
> Too much, too much, too much demand
> You got it rightI
> There's no one left to call
> You don't want something real
> Don't tell me how I feel
> We were both born with eyes
> We've chosen not to see
> (chorus)
> (use verse progression here)
> Too tired to play this hand
> Too tired to play this hand
> You can't live forever!
> Too tired to play this hand
> forego!
> Too tired to play this hand
> You got it rightI
> We're lost within this all
> I'll lie here where I fall
> What treasure should we steal?
> I see lots of heads
> But I don't know a face anymore
> (chorus)
> N-joy, folks.  Questions, corrections, slander, and declarations of war
> can be emailUd to:  Amazing Will, .
> And ifUn you havenUt heard of Machinery Hall,
> go pester your local record store to get their albums.  Peace, anU some shit.
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