Macy Gray – Im In Between chords

Im not sure its 100% accuarate but may be useful to you
if you manage to get the whole song right chords (from this 
one or anyone from the as Told by Ginger Series) then I'd
love you to send it to me (if you want) it will be grately useful.
anyway here it goes...

A A Someone once told me "the grass is much greener,
D A on the other side"
A Well, I payed a visit
Bbut, it's possible I missed it
D Its indifferent
FYet exactly the same (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
C F'Til furthur notice ('Til furthur notice)
C FI'm in between (I'm in between)
F FFrom where I'm standing (From where I'm standing)
F GThe grass is green
A DSomeone once told me "the grass is much greener, on the other side"
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