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Mads Langer – Shine tab

"Shine" by Mads Langer from the 2009 album "Mads Langer"

The slides during the intro has to be quite fast to get the right feeling.
During the verse you have to listen to the rythm to get the right stroke.
At the beginning of the chorus the chord is a E/Ab, but if you can't pull it
off just play a normal E-chord. During the bridge you can change the Bb-
chord to a F#-chord if you think it sounds better.

Gm6:  3x233x
E/Ab: 422100

Intro E Esus4e---0-0------0-0------0-0------0-0---------------|B---0-0------0-0------0-0------0-0---------------|G---1-2/4/2--1-2/4/2--1-2/4/2--1-2/4/2-----------|D---2-2/4/2--2-2/4/2--2-2/4/2--2-2/4/2-----------|A---2-2------2-2------2-2------2-2---------------|E-0---------0--------0---------0-----------------|
VerseHold your breath as I kiss you softly...Em - Gm6 - A - BEm - Gm6 - A - B
Chorus You're going down with this ship... E/Ab - E - Esus4 -
And nothing can ever be the same again... B C# D# E D C# C B Be-0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0-----------------------|B-0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0-----------------------|G-4--6--8--9--7--6--5--4--4-----------------------|D-x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x-----------------------|A-2--4--6--7--5--4--3--2--2-----------------------|E-------------------------------------------------|
(intro again)
VerseHold my hand and help me let you go...Em - Gm6 - A - BEm - Gm6 - A - B
(chorus again)
BridgeShine on you again... (wailing)E - Bb - G - AE - Bb - G - AE - Bb - G - AE - Bb - G - A
(chorus again - softly) End on E
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