Magic Dirt - Ice tab

			        ICE - Magic Dirt

Tabbed by: illy93
Tuning: Standard

This song is really simple, just make sure you play it with lots of distortion and let 
ring considerably. The bass has a much stronger role in the piece than the guitars 
do, even though it seems the bass is overpowered by the guitars.

*RIFF 1: Verses, Introe|-----------|B|-----------|G|-----------|D|--4-4-242--|A|--4-4-242--|E|-----------| x(as many times necessary)NB: Alternatively, you can play this as your usual Gb5 & E5 chords to the same rhythm, it sounds to be more like the version above.
*RIFF 2: Verse, after the first riff has been played.e|-----------|B|-----------|G|------7-9--|D|--2-7-7-9--|A|--2-7-5-7--|E|--0-5------|
*RIFF 3: Chorus - "Am I, Wasting, All My Time?"e|---------|B|---------|G|--6-4----|D|--6-4-2--|A|--4-2-2--|E|------0--|
END. ============================================================================
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