Magica - Wait For Me chords

Wait for me 

Bm Whatever happened
A D I still don't understand
F# yet I am falling
Bm I walked the right way
A D The righteous path I planned
C# But In vain -
A ECause the world is eaten by monsters
BmBroken to pieces, can't be repaired
A EI know cause I've tried
A E I beg you my savior
C# My guardian angel
D ETake me by your side
AWait for me
C#please would you wait for me
D Ecause i am lost in this side of the world
AWait for me
Eplease would you wait for me
Bm Dall my dreams are shattered and gone
E A would you take me home
AIt didn't matter
Bm D If my intentions were good
F# Don't cross them
Bm I am now hunted
A D make sure you understood
C# you are lost
bridge again...chorus..u figure out the rest
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