Magnapop – Down On Me tab

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Down On Me Tab
Here's the tab for "Down on Me", from Rubbing Doesn't Help..
"Down on me"
Tabbed by the Inevitable Mike Lach

The verse riff:

--------------------| --------------------| ---------------6----| ------6-----6-------| ---6-----4----------| 4-------------------|
The chorus riff: -----------------------------------| -----------------------------------| -----------------------------------| ------6--------9--------4-------6--| ---6--------9--------4--------6----| 4--------7--------2--------4-------|
The bridge thingy is just a B5 (X244XX) and an F#5 (244XXX)..sort of like this: B5 F#5 Fa - ding I figured this out in about 5 mihute, so if anyone has it down a little bit better, e-mail me at
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