Magnetic Fields – Irma tab

Artist: The Magnetic Fields
Album: I
Song: Irma

Standard Tuning
(Note: Song is played with a multitude of instruments, guitar not being one of them. I 
it still sounds just fine with an acousitc guitar.)
(D A C G)x4

D           A
Irma waits by the window,
C                           G
Vaguely looking down at her socks
D             A
And humming. Possibly her
C                            G
Father will come home with a box
D                   C
Of chocolates. Possibly
D                 C
Not. Father's memory
D         A
Was never what it once was.
C                         G
Shouldn't really drive anymore,
D          A
Either. As if in answer,
C                            G
With a sound like blowing up your
D                      C
Ears, Father's jeep crashes
D                        C
Through Irma's wall. She says
D            A
Bad words as several hundred
C                     G
Boxes of her favorite kind
D            A
Of chocolate fill her bedroom.
C                        G
But she doesn't actually mind

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