Maguire – Lonely tab

Intro/ Riff 3 (use ure thumb, adds softer noise) for introE-----------------------------------------------------B-----------------------------------------------------G------9-------6----------4--------2------2-----------D-----9---x3--6----x3----4---x3---2------2------------A----7-------4----------2--------2---x3-0---x3--------E-----------------------------------------------------
First the bass will play a quick something, and then u play teh intro by ureself,then both together then you play it again by ureself. so in total u Play teh intro 3 times then guitar waits while bass does thing and then u both play riff2
Riff 2E--------------------------------------------------------B--------------------------------------------------------G--4-- 7-----6-----3------2------7------5------7------D--4-- 7-----6-----3------2------7------5------7------A--2--x8 5-x8--4 x8--1--x8--0--x8--5--x8--3-x8---5--x8--E--------------------------------------------------------
both guitar and basss play this , Main RiffE-----------------------------------------------------B-----------------------------------------------------G-----------------------------------------------------D--2---------------765--------------------------------A--2---------------765--------------------------------E--0--x8-----------543-------------------------------- P.M.. then P.M...this, and u sorta slide while hitting each chord, you play that riff 6 times then play the opening riff, but in chord format, so like instead of the picking u strum it, but liek fast and u play that twice
so its like bambambam, bambambam, bambambam, bambambam, bambambam, that sorta rythm then back to Main riff and play it 4 times, instead of 6 then play the intro but in strumming format once, and same rythem as stated above then back to main riff for the solo, and then just finish up with the main riff a few more times, and finish off with the intro, like fadding out. and i didnt tab teh solo, as i just know it and cant be bothered to tab it. cya
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