Maher Zain – My Little Girl chords

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This chord song by maher zain feat aya zain 
"My Little Girl" from new album "Forgive Me" 
out now on the store in many country

BmYou are a miracle
GYou are a blessing from above
DYou brought joy to my soul
AAnd pleasure to my eyes
BmIn my heart I can feel it
GAn unexplainable feeling
DBeing a father
AThe best thing that I could ever ask for
Pre-chorus: Just thinking of you makes me smile Holding you, looking in your eyes I'm so grateful for having you And everyday I pray I pray that you'll find your way Chorus:
D AYou know I love you, I love you
Bm G AMy little girl, my little girl
D AI ask God to bless you, and protect you always
Bm G AMy little girl, my little girl
BmYou're like a shining star
G So beautiful you are
DMy baby girl
AYou light up my world
BmI pray that I'll get the chance
G To be around and watch you grow
D And witness your first steps
AAnd the first time when you will call me “dad”
PRE-CHORUS CHORUS I could spend hours watching you You're so innocent, so wonderful and pure O God I can not express my gratitude! But I'll raise her good, ‘cause all I want is to please You And now I pray You'll guide her steps forever CHORUS Lyrics, Melody & Arrangement: Maher Zain Mixing: Ronny Lahti ++++++++++++++++++++++++ chord by iqbal arafat mzifc follow us on twitter @maherzain @mzifc
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