Malachai - Snowflake tab version 1

                          Snowflake by Malachai

                          tabbed by QotsaFreak7

Really cool song. I couldn't find this tab anywhere so i decided to give it a try. I'm 
sure it's 100% right but, feel free to comment, and yes i did first here this song on 

Main Riff:(apply strumming pattern, it's really easy to figure out.)e|------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------5--------------7-------------------------------|D|-----7-------5--5x--5-------7--2x---7-----------------------|A|-----7--5x---3------5--5x---5-------7--2x-------------------|E|-----5--------------3---------------5-----------------------|Repeat throughout the whole song.
sorry i am to lazy to figure out the solo.
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