Malinky – Whaur Dau Ye Lie? tab

Whaur Dau Ye Lie?

Chorus (first time spoken, no chords):
Where do you lie my father?  
C                   G
Where do you lie my son?
C                   F
Where do you lie my own true love?
C             G        F
When will the truth be won?

verse 1:
Her friends they came to protect us
C                       G
Her friends they bid us bide
C                                   F
Her friends left her standing there naked
C             G        F
With no place left to hide

-repeat chorus-

verse 2:
Her neighbors they came with a hundred-year hate
C                            G
Her neighbors they came with guns
C                               F
Her neighbors they came for the men folk
C                  G     F
And they slew them every one

-repeat chorus-

verse 3:
I sought out your grave with my mother
C                          G
I sought out your grave in vain
C                              F
I sought the bare bones of the truth and the men
C             G       F
Freedom where are you lain?

-repeat chorus-

verse 4:
I cried out your name to the four winds
C                    G   
I cried our your name, till the dawn
C                               F
And I cried in the arms of your sister dear
C            G      F
Where do you lie my son?

-repeat chorus-

verse 5:
I dreamed of your breath upon me
C                 G
I dreamed of your yellow hair
C                               F		
I dreamed of the sounds of your dying love
C            Gadd4  F(#11)
Where do you lie my dear?

-repeat chorus 2x and end-

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