Manchester Orchestra - Pride tab

I won't tab out every detail of the song, but here are the basics to get you started.

Eb tuning

Verses|-------------------------||-------------------------||-------------------------||-------------------------||--5h7--7--7--9---5h7--7--||--0-------8--10--0-------| at some point there will be a bend on that last 7 and the
|------| |------------||-7-9--| |--7-----9---||-8-10-| part will become |-8-8--10-10-|
Other riff|--------------| |-------------||--------------| |-------------||--------------| |-------------||--------------| |-2-------7-5-||---7p5--------| |-2-7p5---7-5-||-0-----7-5-3--| or |-0-----7-5-3-|at some point the riff is played a little higher like this
Bridge riff|---------||---------||-9-7-6-4-||-x-x-x-x-||-7-5-4-2-||---------|another guitar will play something like
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