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Manchester Orchestra – Girl With Broken Wings chords

E - C#m - A - B- E*

EOn the porch she will sit
C#mLight another cigarette
A B E*And take a sip of anything that makes it right
E C#mShe’s outside, trying to hide from the fight just inside,
A B E*Where her mom and her dad destroy each other
EAnd on the phone she will call
C#mEvery boy, yeah, one and all
A B E*They will touch her in all the right places
EAnd in her room, she will slide
C#mDown the bed and try to fly,
A B E*And she will fall once again for the feeling
A C#mAnd as he grabs her brown hair,
EShe is faking
A C#m EThat the feeling he gives her is real
A C#mAs the floor underneath the bed is
E B ABreaking in two
A B EShe will finish what she starts with “I love you”
ESo from her head to her toes,
C#mNervous hands and runny nose,
A B E*All of this just for one night of feeling
EAnd in her ears she will hear
C#mAll the things that hide her fears
A B E*Of dying young and making plans for the future
E And all the marks on her arms
C#mSymbolize a fractured heart
A BAnd all the boys that were smart
E*Left her alone
ESo from the roof, she will fly
C#m15 feet down the side
A B E*Of the house where she once was happy
A C#mYes is true, she’s aware
EThat she is breaking
A C#m EAnd its true, she cant do anything
A C#mWell in her blue underwear
E B AShe is thinking how
A BIn jesus’ precious name
EShe got here
A C#mWell it’s sad but its true
EShe is ending
A C#m EBut for now, she will pray for some wings
A C#m E B AOn a black Cadillac she is landing hard
A B EYet her parents’ biggest worry is the car
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