Manfred Mann – Pretty Flamingo chords

Pretty Flamingo
                                                   Recorded by Manfred Mann

In the key of G major

G C G C G C G 

C G C G C G C On our block all of the guys call her flamingo
C D G C D G C G C Cause her hair glows like the sun and her eyes can light the sky
Verse 2
C G C G C G CWhen she moves she walks so fine like a flamingo
C D G C D G C GCrimson dress that clings so tight she's out of reach and out of sight
G C D GWhen she walks by she brightens up the neighbourhood
G C D G D D DOh every guy would make her his if he just could if she just would
Verse 3
D G C G C G CSome sweet day I'll make her mine pretty flamingo
C D G C D G CThen every guy will envy me cause paradise is where I'll be
Bridge Verse 3
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