Manic Street Preachers – P C P tab

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From: Crazy Mule 

Here are the chords and the intro to PCP by Manic Street Preachers
From the album THE HOLY BIBLE.


E--------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------------| Repeat 4 Times.G---------------------------9--------9--------9--------9-|D--0---0---0---0---0---10-------12-------10-------12-----|A--------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------|
Then the chords come in straight after (mainly damped throughout). D5 EADGBE For one line of verse X577XX B5/Bb EADGBE For next line etc 699XXX B5 EADGBE 799XXX G5 EADGBE 355XXX D5, B5/Bb, B5 and G5 are played throughout the verse. Bridge E5 EADGBE For one line 022XXX G EADGBE Then next 320022 Then repeat more quickly twice. It then goes G A G A G A Chorus F5 EADGBE i.e. F5 C5 133XXX P.C.P. a P.C. police victory, C5 EADGBE The C5 comes in on the second P of P.C.P. X355XX throughout the chorus. Repeat 3 times then play B5 EADGBE i.e. B5(damped) E5(let ring) X244XX Nowadays I cant seem to tell the difference. E5 EADGBE 022XXX You then return back to the verse. The outro is just the verse with the chords not damped and rawling on the G5 then finishing on D5. I know it looks a bit rough but it does sound right if you listen along to the record, you will also be able to get the timing right. Im also working on the solo. I also have much better tab for SHE IS SUFFERING off the same album with the solo included.
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