Manu Chao – Por El Suelo tab

Manu Chao & Radio Bemba Sound Systems

"Por el suelo"

tabbed by Hannes Jandrens.

IMPORTANT: This is the version from the album "Radio Bemba Sound Systems" and NOT the 
from the album "Clandestino". Different chords are used in this


I couldn't find a tab for this amazing version of the song, so i decided to work it out 

The sequence of the chords doesn't change throughout the song, but there are variations 
which fret the chords are played, i recommend starting with
Dm on the 5th, C on the 3rd and A# on the 1st. That's also how the intro starts.  Play a 
reggae rythm.

Dm C A#e|--5----------3-----------1------|B|--6----------5-----------3------|G|--7----------5-----------3------|D|--7----------5-----------3------|A|--5----------3-----------1------|E|--5----------3-----------1------|
Intro: Dm C A# Dm C por el suelo hay una compadrita A# que ya nadie se para a mirar Dm C por el suelo hay una mamacita A# que se muere de no respetar Dm C patchamama te veo tan triste A# patchamama me pongo a llorar... Dm C A# Por el suelo... Dm C esperando la ultima ola A# cuidate no te vayas a mojar Dm C escuchando la ultima rola A# mamacita te invito a bailar... Dm C A# Por el suelo... For those of you who enjoy going a little more into detail, these are a few tips to help get the proper sound... The difficulty of playing the song in a way to make it sound "right" lies in the slight strumming variations (try to underemphasize the high e- string most of the and the differences of how long a chord is damped. this is to give you a an idea of how the song is played, as mentioned hit the strings even though you shouldn't hit all the strings, it's still better to always use barree chords to get the damping right. d = downstrum shortly sounding d' = downstrum slightly longer sounding
d d d d' d d d d' d d' d de|----5-----5------3-----3-----1-----1-----1-----1-----|B|----6-----6------5-----5-----3-----3-----3-----3-----|G|-x--7--x--7---x--5--x--5--x--3--x--3--x--3--x--3-----|D|-x--7--x--7---x--5--x--5--x--3--x--3--x--3--x--3-----|A|-----------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------|
go like this all the way throughout the song, also try to play the C chord on the 8th or fret or the A# on the 6th fret or the Dm the basic way from time to time... -> gives variations. don't follow this description too strictly, try to follow it a few times and you'll get feeling for the variations yourself. I hope this helped and you can enjoy this great song as much as i do!!! Have a good time playing, Hannes Jandrens. :)
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