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Marc Cohn – Strangers In A Car tab

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     "Strangers in a Car"
     Marc Cohn

     Really quick, here are the chords:

     Bm   A   D/F#   G

     That goes for most of the song except for the phrases that are best
     characterized as "intense."   He changes it to

     Bm   A    G     D

     in order to give it more impact.  That's all.  Pretty simple.


     Bm   A   D/F#    G
     There's a stranger in a car
     Driving down your street
     Acts like he knows who you are
     Slaps his hand on the empty seat and says
     Are you gonna get in
     Or are you gonna stay out
     Just a stranger in a car

     Bm    A    G      D
     Might be the one they told you about

     Bm    A    D/F#    G
     You never were one for cautiousness
     You open the door
     He give you a tender kiss
     Can't even here em no more
     All the voices of choices
     Now only one road remains (G D end)
     Just strangers in car
     TWo hearts two souls
     Tonight two lanes (G D end)

     Don't know where you're going
     Don't know what you're doing
     Hell it might be the highway to heaven
     And it might be the road to ruin (G D end)
     This is a song
     For strangers in a car
     Baby maybe that's all
     We really are  (G A D end this time)

     Strangers in a car
     Driving down your street
     Strangers in a car.

     Hope ya enjoy.

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