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Marc Cohn – Already Home chords

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Already Home
Marc Cohn & John Leventhal
E G#mSometimes you got to go back, sometimes you don't know why (2X)
EI can see the sunshine coming through my room
G#mBreaking down the winter of my discontent
ELooking out my window at the people passing by
G#m F#I keep wondering where my old companion went
EOn the steps of the museum, I wrote a line or two
G#m F# EBut it took a while to find my way back to something true like you
E G#mThis is where I lay my hat, this is where they know my name
E G#m F#This is where they show me that a man's not so alone - no
F# EMaybe I'm already home (Sometimes you've got to go back)
G#mMaybe I'm already home (Sometimes you don't know why)
ERolling down my window, burning up the daze
G#mCutting through the veil that keeps on blinding me
EI was only sleeping, waiting here for you
G#m F#Waiting for your touch that keeps reminding me
EWell I've seen the world of wonders, been underneath it too
G#mBut it took a while just to find my way
F# EBack to something true that I like
CHORUS (Second Half 2X) Yeah IĀ’m already home
F# F# B EWhy it had to take me so long
E E B F#Just to find a place that really feels
F# F# B EThis must be where I belong
E Ebm E A EThinking about it all I had to do was click my heels
(First Half 2X Only) Second time with vocal accent - you'll feel when! E////////G#m////////E////////G#m////////E////////G#m//////// (Jam Out & Fade)
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