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Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 00:11:57 -0700
From: (Paul Pfaffenberger)
Subject: Things_we've_handed_down

The Things We've Handed Down
by Marc Cohn
"The Rainy Season"

   D               A             Bm                 G
I don't know much about you,  I don't know who you are
               D          A                         Bm         G
And we'd been doing fine without you  but we could only go so far
   D                  A                  Bm            G
I don't know why you chose us, were you watching from above
           D                 A                   Bm            G D A G   A
Is there someone there that knows us  said we'd give you all our love

   D                 A                    Bm                 G
I wonder who you'll look like  will your hair fall down and curl
 D             A              Bm             G
Will you be a momma's boy or daddy's little girl
         D           A                     Bm             G
Will you be a sad reminder of what's been lost along the way
       D               A               Bm              G D A G  A
Maybe you can help me find her in the things you do and say

          D                    A               Bm                 G
Will you laugh just like your mother will you sigh like your old man
                  D          A                Bm               G
Will some things skip a generation like I've heard they often can
           A         Bm        D    A     G
Are you a poet or a dancer, a devil or a clown
      D           A    Bm     G                   A      D    A   G
Or a strange new combination of the things we've handed down

             D            A                Bm                G
You may not always be so grateful for the way that you were made
            D               A                   Bm             G
Maybe some feature of your father's that you'd gladly sell or trade
     D               A              Bm                G
And one day you may look at us and say that you were cursed
     D              A               Bm              G
But over time that line has been extremely well rehearsed
        A                 Bm              D       A       G
By our fathers and their fathers in some old and distant town
            D       A     Bm       G                     A      D
>From places no one here remembers come the things we've handed down

Paul Pfaffenberger
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