Marco Sison – My Love Will See You Through chords

 Intro: F#M7-B-Bm-F#-E7 pause

B F# When times get rough
G#m Ebm And your dreams just fall apart
E And sometimes you feel
Ebm C#m-F# That you cant go on
F#m B Be strong, hold on
E Em For my love will keep you warm
B Ebm G#m Through the coldest night
C#m F# Through the rain, through the storm
B F# When friends turn their backs on you
G#m And you're so helpless
Em You dont know what to do
B G#m C#m I'll be on your side to comfort you
F# B G7 My love will see you through
C G When the tears are in your eyes
Am Em And you feel like you wanna cry
F Em Dm G Just reach out and I'll be around to understand
Gm C When you stumble and fall
F Fm And you need a shoulder to lean on
C Em Am All you have to do is call
Dm G And I'll be there with a helping hand
C G When the road seem so long and endless
Am Fm And all you see is nothing but darkness
C Am Don't give up just walk on
Dm Have faith in your heart
G C Am-Dm-G#7 break For my love will see you through
G#7sus-G#7-G#7sus C# My love will see you through
A#m When you reach for your star
Ebm When you cross the deepest sea
G# When you climb the highest hill
Fm7 My love will always be with you
Bb7 In everything you do
Ebm7 In every step you'll make
G#7 In every road you take
C# A#m Don't be afraid to follow your dreams
Ebm-G#7 break C#-A#m-Ebm-G#7-C# For my love will see you through
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