Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos – A Sea Shanty Of Sorts tab

"A Sea Shanty of Sorts"
by Margot and the Nuclear So and So's

Tabbed by Drew Whitaker
(expanded from tab by Matt Whittle)

This band is actually a 7 piece, so obviously there are several layers  of
as well as 2 to 3 guitars.  Here I've divided at least two separate parts, but there is another
strumming the main chords through most of the song.  Guitar 2 is NOT really accurate but 

Standard Tuning

Em:   022000
Em7:  020000
Cmaj7: X32000
D9:   XX0210

Gt. 1 (Rhythm)

(Em) (Em7) (Cmaj7) (D9)E---------------------------------------------------------------------|B------0-------0-------0-------0---------0-------0---0~~-0h1-0~-------|G----0-------0-------0-------0-----------------------2/4-------2~-----|D--2-------2-------0-------0-----------2-------2----------------------|A----------------------------------2/3-------3------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Gt. 2 (During Bridge/Chorus)
Or this Riff:
E-----------------|B-----------------|G--6-7-6-4~~---4--| Repeat a few times.D------------7----|A-----------------|E-----------------|
[Em] Do what you like, [Em7] you don't have to be nice [Cmaj7] Just pour yourself [D9] a cup of coffee [Em] Leave anytime, [Em7] you don't have to be right [Cmaj7] You've got to live [D9] the best you know how [Chorus] "La da da da..."
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