Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos – Talking In Code tab

"Talking In Code"
by Margot and the Nuclear So & So's

Tabbed by Drew Whitaker

I've tabbed the basic picking pattern but it sounds better if you strum along inbetween 
- like it's done in the actual song itself.

Standard Tuning

C:   X32010
Am7: X02010
F:   133210
G:   355430

Intro (basically):

(C) (Am7) (C) (Am7)E-------------------------------------------------------------------|B----1-----------3-1-0h1------------3/5-3-0h1------------3-1-0h1----|G------0----0------------0----0---------------0----0-------------0--|D-------0h2---------------0h2------------------0h2------------------|A--3----------3-3-----0---------0-0--------3---------3-3------0-----|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
For the verses just strum the chords and keep picking the bass line hammer-on's for the and D strings but leave out the B string part that's in the intro. During the chorus let high-e ring open for the F, G, and C chords. [Intro] I gotta [C] go, And your talking in [Am7] code, Saying I know where you've [C] been, And I know where you [Am7] go. But I've been [F] tir-[G]-ed from the [C] minute I woke, I stopped [F]listen-[G]-ing the [C] moment you spoke, And said [F] I'm [G] long [C] gone, Yeah, [F] I'm [G] long [C] gone. [Intro] And I'm sleeping [C] alone, In a house I don't [Am7] own, Cause if you're touring your [C] mind, You'll get lost [Am7] everytime... And you'll sing me [F] sad [G] songs to [C] keep me awake, In that [F] bed [G] room [C] we hid away, Baby, [F] I'm [G] long [C] gone, Yeah, [F] I'm [G] long [C] gone... [Intro] And your [F] voice [G] cracks [C] like a piano, You keep [F]mov-[G]-ing, [C]but where are you going, Baby, [F] we're [G] long [C] gone, Yeah, [F] we're [G] long [C] gone... Enjoy!
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