Marianas Trench – Baby Please Come Home chords

Song: Baby Please Come Home
Artist: Josh Ramsay (of Marianas Trench)
Album: A 604 Records Christmas

Tabbed by: Iltrivosk
Tuning: Standard

C- 032010
Em- 022000
G6- 320010
Fmaj7- 033210*play quietly
() play once
[Verse 1]:e|--------0|B|--------1|G|--------0|D|-----2--2|A|--3-----3|E|--------0|
C EmThey're singing "Deck the Halls"
Fmaj7It's not Christmas at all
G6Remember when you were here
CAnd everything we had last year?
EmAnd all the church bells in town
Fmaj7They're a 'ringing a song
G6What a happy sound
Baby please come home [Chorus]:
C EmNow the snow's coming down
Fmaj7And I'm watching it fall
G6Watching the people around
CBaby please come home
EmPretty lights on a tree
Fmaj7I've been watching them shine
G6You should be here with me
Baby please come home [Verse 2]:
C EmAll the church bells in town
Fmaj7They're a 'ringing a song
G6And it's a happier sound
C*Please, please come home
Em*If there was a way
Fmaj7*I could hold back these tears
(G)*But it's Christmas day
Please come home
EmCome home
Fmaj7Come home
G6 CCome home oh yeah yeah yeah yeayeayea
[Chorus] [Fill] End on an open B string. Hope this finds you well in the upcoming Christmas season!
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