Maribelle Anes – Honestly chords

I think that this is about right.
Capo on 2nd

C2 seconds later
Cadd9your running back to his arms
Cdo me a favour
Gtell me its more than enough
Ctell me the truth
Cadd9is he making you happy
Ccan you make it through
Gtell me honestly
Verse 1:
Ci know you
Cadd9you know me
Cwe've been friends
G for a while and i can see
Cthat you are fakin
Cadd9i know you hate it
Cyou like the idea
G not so much him
C Cadd9he's good looking, so wealthy
Cbut theres others opportunities
Ci can't take it
Cadd9he treats you like nothing
Cyou saint he aint worthit
Gthen you turn around
(chorus) Verse 2:
Cis he that perfect?
Cadd9does he make you smile
Ccan you show me what
Gis making him worth the while
Cis he everything
Cadd9and his personality
Cdon't think im getting in between
G Fim just protecting you
Gcause you say he aint right then
(chorus) Bridge:
F G Cadd9i can't take to see my best friend cry
F G Cadd9you apparently love him and i wanna know why
F G Cadd9he's a player - he's a double time dater
Fhonestly he aint right for you
Gfor you
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