Marillion – Going Down tab

Chords used and the way they are played:D1 |D2-10----------10----------|-------------------------|----10----------10-------|----10----------10-------|-------11----------11----|-11----11----11----11----|----------12----------12-|----------12----------12-|-------------------------|-------------------------|-10----------10----------|-10----------10----------|
G |F#min |Amin-----------------|-2-------2-------|-5-------5-------|-3-------3-------|---2-------2-----|---5-------5-----|---4-------4-----|-----2-------2---|-----5-------5---|-----5-------5---|-------4-------4-|-------7-------7-|-------5-------5-|-----------------|-----------------|-3-------3-------|-2-------2-------|-5-------5-------|
D1 D2 D1 D2 D1 D2 Is it wrong to talk to myself even when there's nobody else? D1 D2 F#min G Amin I'm just checking out that I've not gone under the water or thrown on F#min D1 D2 D1 D2 the beach like a seal ready for slaugther D1 D2 Can't you understand that the way things were planned D1 D2 F#min G it never worked out so I just went crazy Amin F#min D1 D2 D1 I took to the drink like something says it's 'maybe' D2 D1 D2 I ain't got no excuse and that's really the news D1 D2 F#min G Amin I got nothing else to say except it's my way, it's always my way F#min D1 D2 D1 I seem to be running away so often D2 D1 D2 I'll try anything once and that's the way we should be D1 D2 F#min but it's always the same getting caught up again in a habit G Amin F#min D1 D2 a habit, that I just can't shake off, the way it always turned out (small interlude) D2 D1 D2 Can you understand it's the way I choose to be D1 D2 F#min G everything seems so easy this way, but I'm going under, fast Amin F#min D1 D2 I'm slipping away, am I so crazy?
Some more guitar picking, repeat several times--------------------------10-------10-----------------11-------11-----------------12-------12---------------------------------10----------10----------
PS anyone for 'Today' by Jefferson Airplane?
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