Let Me Love You chords with lyrics by Mario Winans - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mario Winans – Let Me Love You chords

Standard Tuning

Am = 002210
Em = 022000
D = 000232

Am Baby i just don't get it,
Em Do you enjoy being hurt?
D I know you smell the perfume;
D(whenever comes to the 2nd D just do this 0-2 on low -e- String like play 000230 and then suddenly put your finger to 2nd Fret as well to give it sound of 0-2)
The make up on his shirt
Am You don't believe his storys,
Em You know that they're all lies.
D Then as you are you just stick around
D(same 2nd time as mentioned above) And i just dont know why
Rest of the song is the same ...
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