Marissa Nadler - Diamond Heart tab

I believe marissa nadler is signed to Peacefrog Records, but she may be unsigned.   Her

My very first tab!  I tried to find this one on the internet, I just ended up making it
by ear.  Then I saw a video on youtube of marissa nadler playing it with a capo on the
fret.  I have no idea what chords she is using or the the picking pattern.  I can strum 
chords and it sounds passable if you have someone with a nice voice singing along.
e-mail me with any corrections, your guess is as good as mine.  doc66-at-comcast-dot-com

Bar the F cause it sounds better.  the Am/D7 is a little fuzzy, as your ears will pick
 i think she has some weird shape or maybe part of a G, i cant discern the difference by
 i need some help on the sound.  maybe a different tuning?

Marissa Nadler - Diamond Heart

Chord shapes relative to Capo on the 2nd fret.

D7 intro (you can occasionally hammer on and off the high E at the third fret for effect)

D7                   G
So do you know Iím a dancer now
F                            Em
With red painted lips, and a Jezebel crown
D7                       G
So have you heard, Iím a singer now
F                          Em
With reliquary eyes, and a diadem frown

But I look for you
In the diamond trees
And the highway divine
Deliver me

Your father died
A month ago
And he scattered his ashes
In the snow

Am			 G
But oh my lonely diamond heart
F	      Em
It misses you so well
Am		     G
Oh my lonely diamond heart
F	      Em
It misses you oh well

-the beyond within
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