Mark Eitzel – Helium tab

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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 17:43:42
From: Peter Mosinskis 
Subject: CRD: Helium by Mark Eitzel

Mark Eitzel, "Helium"
by: Peter Mosinskis
date: Oct. 24, 1997

This transcription is from the album _West_ on Warner Bros., released early
Peter Buck of R.E.M. plays great acoustic guitar on this song and
throughout this beautiful, haunting album. This is Track 3, my favorite song.


Strings	Frets (in parentheses are optional)
1 (hi)	(0)		0	0	0	  0	0
2	(0)		0	1	3	  1	0
3	(4) or open	0	0	0	  2	0
4	4		2	2	4	  3	2
5	2		2	3	5	  x	3
6 (low)	X		0	X	X	  x	x

Chord	B5		Em	C	D(add G)  F7	C7

Intro:	B5 to E repeated

**Note: For verse, pick high open-E followed by open-B at end of each line

Verse 1:
B5	E		B5	E
Life is short in the laughing gallery
B5	E		     B5		E
A secret handshake gets you ice cream and a key
To a brand new car that only drives into walls
They'll cut their eyes, All they want...

Pattern 1  for chorus (approximate arpeggiations):

(Em) (G/F#) (G) (D) --> these are the chords being outlined Chorus: D(add G) C Is your silence D(add G) C Is your silence D(add G) C Is your silence (Pattern 1) Breathing helium (Pattern 1) Throw away the key (Pattern 1) Dissolve in the air C7 Never free Verse 2: same music as verse 1 Chorus: same music Bridge: F7 to C (with feedbacky guitar solo) end with 2x Pattern 1 Verse 3: same music as verse 1 Have fun!!
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