Mark Knopfler And Chet Atkins – Poor Boy Blues tab

Poor Boy Blues
Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins
Neck and Neck 1990

Here is a simple version of the
opening tune to Neck and Neck.
I haven't included all lap steel parts as you 
can probably get these yourself.

B F# A B EE|-----------------------------5-------7-------------------|B|-----------------------------5-------7-------------------|G|-6-----------------------3---6-------6-------------------|D|-9-----------------------4---7-------9-------------------|A|-9-----------------------4---7-------9---2-4-2-2-2-4-2-2-|E|-7-----------------------2---5-------7---0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-|
|E| |E| |E| |E| E Do I want you? Yes I do! Do I need you? Baby you know its true
w/Slide AE|-----------|B|-----------|G|-/9/6~~~~~-|D|-----------|A|-----------|E|-----------|
A B E But I aint' got nothing that you can use B7 A So I'm sitting on my own here B E with these poor boy blues E One day baby you will see you're gonna give all your A love to me I'm the one babe B E B that you're gonna choose A but in the meantime B E I got these poor boy blues Intro again Solo (* = 1/4 bend):
E|------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------7b-rb-b--(7b)-rb-7-5-|G|-7----7----7b-9--7----7b-9----------------------|D|---9b---9b---------9b---------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------| * * *
and so on...
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