Mark Knopfler – Boom Like That tab ver. 2

Boom Like that by Mark knopfler 
I've done this tab to do a correction of another tab hehe :D

Tabbed by Guitarproff :D

The Chords are: Em G A Cadd9 -- Em G C  (Cadd9 is a regular C chord but you remove 
your middle finger only) 


I´m going to san bernardino
G               A  Cadd9
milkshake mixers
G                  Cadd9
that´s my thing now
these guys bought
  G               A  Cadd9
a heap of my stuff
and i gotta see a good thing
G               Cadd9
sure enough, now
or my names not kroc
       G             A  Cadd9
that´s kroc with a K
like crocodile
        G                   Cadd9
but not spell that way, yeah
It´s dog eat dog
G          A  Cadd9
rat eat rat

boom, like that

After "boom like that" he does a mini solo thing Like this 

the folks line up all down the street and i’m seeing this girl devour her meat, now and then i get it, wham as clear as day my pulse begins to hammer and i hear a voice say Bridge: Em These boys have got this down Cadd9 oughtta be a one this D in every town Em this boys have got the touch Cadd9 it´s clen as a whistle D and it don´t cost much wham, bam you don’t wait long shake, fries patty, you’re gone and how about that friendly name? heck, every little thing oughtta stay the same Hope this helped you :D Even if it isn't 100% you can use it as base for other tabs :D
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