Mark Knopfler – Boom Like That chords

***Song is on the 3rd capo***

Intro / Verse / Chorus:

Em - G - Am - C x2

EmI'm going to San Bernadino
G Am CRing-a-ding-ding
EmMilkshake mixers
G Am CThat's my thing now
EmThese guys bought
G Am CA heap of my stuff
EmAnd I gotta see a good thing
G Am CSure enough, now
.................................. Bridge:
EmThese boys have
GGot this down
AmOughtta be one of these
DIn every town
Em These boys have
GGot the touch
AmIt's clean as a whistle
DAnd it don't cost much
Verses and bridges are the same throughout the song. Solo chords are the verse chords. Have fun!
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