Wildflowers tab with lyrics by Mark Lanegan - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mark Lanegan – Wildflowers tab

Tune your guitar a half-step down, play barre chords and let slightly ring the two 
strings (B and e). Much of the songs on "The Winding Sheet" are played this way.

Mark Lanegan - Wildflowers

B          D                         A
I have to watch you come back to the river
Now it's all I can do
               D                 A
Will you still be convinced wild flowers
Are waiting for you

B      D                  A
In my mind I've done good things
And never cared why
        D               D        B
And my mind is an open door, with nothing inside

(same chords progression during the "laaaaalala" part)

B               D        A
Looks like the hour is upon us
It's turnin' so cold
             D                 A
When everything said's either faded out
Or written in stone

Get it? Play the same chords, same rythm through the whole song.
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