Mark Lanegan – No Cross chords

Am Dsus2 Am Dsus2

Am Dsus2 Am Dsus2 No cross to carry, no cause to cry
Am Dsus2 E We'll walk streets of gold in time
Am Dsus2 Am Dsus2And when those shadows crawl in run go get the priest
Am Dsus2 Am Dsus2 Because I don't want to miss a thing but you my little freak
Dsus2 Am Dsus2 AmMillion dollar arms and real blue heartache kids
Dsus2 Am Dsus2 Am They stroll to rock and roll dead slow put on their coats and go
[INSTRUMENTAL] Am Dsus2 Ameb|------------|---------|-----------------|-----------------|bb|------------|---------|-10----10--------|-----------------|gb|---9b-------|-9---9b--|-10b------rb10---|-9--9h10p9-------|db|------------|---------|-----------------|-----------12-10-|ab|------------|---------|-----------------|-----------------|eb|------------|---------|-----------------|-----------------|
Dsus2 Am Dsus2 Eeb|---------------|------------|------------------|---------|-----------|bb|---10----------|------------|------------------|---------|-12--12----|gb|---10b---rb10--|-9---9-9--9-|--------7b-7b-----|---------|-----------|db|---------------|------------|-9h10p9--------10-|-9--9----|-----------|ab|---------------|------------|------------------|---------|-----------|eb|---------------|------------|------------------|---------|-----------|
Dsus2 Am Dsus2 AmAnd all these empty arms ain't got nothing to do
Dsus2 Am Dsus2 Am Play some rock and roll dead slow put on my coat and go
Am Dsus2 Am Dsus2 No cross to carry, no grinding wheel to ride
Am Dsus2 Am Dsus2 No cross to carry and no nails to drive
[OUTRO] Am Bm C Am Bm C Am Bm C Am
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